About Us

Zen Cat Yoga studio opened its doors in 2015.  In Terre Haute and the surrounding area, at that time, yoga was primarily offered in fitness centers and in non-studio settings. Geographically, Terre Hautians are apt to stay in their own areas of town, and there was no yoga available for those on the south end.  After Mike and Tammy opened another small business on the south end of Terre Haute, an opportunity presented itself to open a yoga studio next door to the existing business, and Zen Cat Yoga was born.

Zen Cat Yoga is a more traditional yoga studio.  We do not necessarily follow any yoga “lineage”, but have training from teachers in various lineages.   There are no “hot” or power yoga classes.  Our goal is to share the benefits of yoga with anyone who wants to experience it.  All classes are all levels, with modifications to fit all yoga practitioners.  Our classes are mellower hatha/vinyasa and yin classes;  they can be relaxing, but challenging as well.  We are especially happy to offer a basic series of classes to introduce people to the outstanding benefits of yoga.  All classes are typically 10 people or less, allowing for more personalized attention.

In addition to group yoga classes, yoga therapy sessions will be offered during the fall 2019/winter 2020 timeframe.  Discounted yoga therapy sessions will be offered to clients who are willing to work with Tammy during her yoga therapy practicum.

Finally, we provide yoga sessions and yoga presentations at off-site locations.  Contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this service.

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