It's time to find your zen

Zen Cat Yoga has a variety of classes to fit your needs.  See how yoga can help your body, mind, and spirit!

our Classes

Go with the Flow

In this all-levels hatha/vinyasa class, each day will vary, depending on who attends and the energy of the day. Focus is always on proper alignment of poses, flowing sequences (gentle or faster paced), and breathing techniques. Meditative/spiritual aspects of yoga will be explored. We will go with the flow of life!

Slow down & breath

This hatha/vinyasa class will focus on slow-flowing yoga sequences and proper alignment of poses, as well as incorporate breathing exercises/short meditations. Using varying class themes, spiritual/philosophical aspects of yoga will be explored.  An all-levels class, especially great for new students and those wanting a slower pace. 

Stretch & Let Go

Wind down with this slower-paced, all-levels yin class focusing on stretching connective tissues. Most poses are seated or supine (lying down) and held for longer periods of time. Additionally, focus is on the breath, being in the present moment, and letting go. This can be a type of restorative yoga for some, but for others, it’s a challenge to let go and settle into a pose for a longer period of time. Also known as Yin Yoga.

Yoga series

In addition to our regular, drop-in group classes, you can also sign up for one of our 5-or 6-week series.

Adaptive (chair) yoga
(6-week series)


In this gentle hatha yoga series, we will use a chair as a tool to create stability and allow access to physical yoga postures.  We will incorporate breath, movement, and relaxation in this series.  If it is challenging for you to get to/from the floor, if you are a beginner, or if you would simply prefer a gentler practice, then this series is for you.

yoga for stress relief/ relaxation (5-week series)


In this restorative series, 4-6 postures, supported by props, will be held for longer periods of time to help release tension and stress from the entire body.  Additionally, we will use breathing practices, guided meditations, and various other yogic tools to help you ease, stress-free, into the upcoming week.

Introduction to Yoga
(6-week series)


In this hatha yoga series, students will be introduced to the basics of Hatha yoga, including basic postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. Discover the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga. This series is designed for those new to yoga or those wanting a refresher.

yoga for anxiety & depression (6-week series)


In this therapeutic series, we will use gentle movement, breath, and relaxation techniques to balance the brain, increase energy, and help dissipate any feelings of worry, fear, and hopelessness.

Benefits of Classes at Zen Cat


Increases strength, flexibility, balance.

Mental & emotional

Decreases stress, anxiety, depression, trauma


Finding connection with living beings, earth, and/or a higher power.

What Our students say

Zen Cat Yoga is an intimate and peaceful place to practice yoga in Community in Terre Haute, Indiana. I look forward to visiting again.

Becki R., FB

Just happened to luck out and make it up in time to catch a 9:30 class on Saturday, and it was exactly what I needed. Tammy was very inviting and friendly. Thanks for having us!

Jason G., St. Petersburg, FL, Yelp

Very welcoming and peaceful place, great for all levels!

Breanna T., FB